Wholesale Inquiry

Thank you so much for your interest in carrying our line of home goods proudly designed + handmade in California!
We offer wholesale accounts and are always looking for businesses with similar values with whom to partner up.
We value building strong relationships with our partners from the get-go to foster a respectful and sustainable partnership.
We ask that you spend some time sharing about yourself and your storefront:
- Why do you believe our brand would be a good fit?
- What sort of products + brands do you currently carry?
- Who is your clientele?
    We also want to make sure to avoid over-saturation. Please take a look through our current list of stockists to make sure our line is not carried within your zip code.
    In the case that it is, let us know and we can check what items are carried in that location and may allow different products/styles/colors to be carried in yours.
    We truly appreciate you spending the time + energy to answer these questions. We are happy to address any questions or inquiries you may have via email.
    Thank you + we look forward to hearing from you!